This is the first place I send new students to explore when they are just starting to learn to crochet or knit.

http://www.redheart.com/free-patterns  Not only are the patterns free, they also are in categories of difficulty.  It is not just a site to purchase yarns.

Many a night I have burned the midnight oil to print page after page of patterns to send to my students to try.

I now own a kindle fire to save a few trees.  My patterns are stored on the cloud so that I can access them on my computer or on the kindle.

This makes it so much easier and fewer papers in my bed where I end up doing a lot of my crochet projects.

I can still send my students a copy of a pattern by doing it electronically now.  They can print their own or save it in their computers or device of choice.

Bernat has a few more patterns although they are a bit more difficult in level there are a few that still have beginner on the label.


The website is not quite as simple to navigate so I do not send my newest students there till they are used to what they are looking for.

Lion Brand site is easier to navigate but still not as easy as Red Heart and you can lose where you are on it when looking for a pattern.  Again, I do not send newbies there till they know what they are specifically looking at… http://www.lionbrand.com/freePatterns.html

Another site that is not attached to a Name Brand but you have to join, which means that they get your information… some people do not like to do this…

is at http://www.allfreecrochet.com/

With all of these free patterns out there you would think that a woman would never purchase a pattern…

WE Still do.  There are certain patterns that we want.  They are unique in nature.  You will never find them on a free site.  Therefore it is still necessary to purchase a pattern every so often.

There is a place for everything.

Where is your favorite place to get patterns…

Would love to hear from you.

Tammye Honey