This Pattern was something that my student who is new to crocheting was really excited about.  I thought how bad can it be.

It is in Russian and metric.

This should be interesting but I am going to give it a try. is the original post if you happen to know Russian and are fluent.  You can help me translate so feel free to pitch in any time.


Basic Pattern of Treble Crochet and Chain Stitches


Basic Layout of pattern and dimensions of Size


Height 3 series are 2.7 cm (approximately). We knit in a circle, and so the top and bottom of the foot we have 3 series. 5.4 cm, respectively, we provyazyvaem in these series (2.7 * 2 = 5.4 cm.) Foot Length (I) 10 cm In order to get the desired length of the stop I need another 4.6 cm is 12 loops . On eyelet indicated by arrow, vyvyazyvaem rounding on heels and nsochk

This is what she wrote.

Translated it is Three stitches are approximately 1 1/4 ” , you are working in a circle so you will be working on the back side of your chain as well on the first row.   The three series that she is referring to is the beginning chain and the initial row with the coming around of the back side of the chain to meet at the beginnning point.9491237_95679 9491241_98872 9491243_59586 9491246_35299 9491248_28290 9491252_25367

Now count the total number of loops)
1 loop, which vyvyazyvaem rounding, then 12 sn, then another one loop, which vyvyazyvaem rounding on heels, and 3 loops, which replace the first column without nakida (in each row, then 3 vp lifting) .
Total happened I need to dial 17 loops. If I was knitting booties with a length of 11 cm foot, it would win 20 loops, t to 1 cm I 2.6 loops (abbreviated in this case in a big way.) This plate with the size of children’s feet.

This translates as loop is a chain so seventeen chains then fourteen Treble crochet starting on the third chain from the hook Then two Treble  crochet in the beginning stitch ( the three chain count as one Treble crochet) and then Treble crochet one in each chain to come around  (watching the chart to add two where noted) to start up the back side to Treble  crochet three in the end of the chain where noted then up the back side to  slip stitch on your beginning stitch of the three Treble crochet.


She shows here that measuring the child’s foot first will allow you to know what size you are working.   9 cm = 3 1/3 “, 10 cm = 4″ amd 11.4 cm = 4 1/5 ”

This will be the size of the foot of the project when you have finished with your rounds.


You need to make four as you will be sewing two of them together to give a great base to the shoe.


In principle, it is possible to knit foot for any scheme you like) it does not matter, the main thing to get the size. We need 4 pieces of the foot, it is desirable to tie them all in one sitting), that is very difficult to observe the exact same density even after a couple of hours. And Circuits should be identical.

(this was her original comment on the size)

Mark your ending stitch.  Chain three Treble crochet two in the same stitch as beginning stitch.  Treble crochet all the way around  to the beginning stitch.


As you are going around your row, where there is a V means 2 Treble crochet if there is a V with a l it is three Treble crochet.  If it is a sidewasy O it is a chain.

This is the pattern in diagram and it has a univeral language. It tells you what post to put your next stitch into.

Next is a series of pictures to show you the basic steps to follow to apply the thong of the flip flop by following each step slowly you can get an idea of what she is saying.   Draw up two loops and insert needle drawing yarn through.  These are Treble crochets across the pattern

She shows you where to basically hook on to the foot to add the chain series and where to start the next set of treble crochets then hook the treble crochet for the toe area and chain then start the other side of treble crochets.  A chain of 12 is used for the chains between.

Knitting booties second mirror, starting with the strap.
Gaining strap 21 sn. Linked chain of 21 vp for the strap, now do the hook 2 nakida and attached to the sole. Continue to knit booties as the first, only the mirror.  Putting It All soles chain stitch crochet)
I found in the net a picture to show schematically.) We knit exactly the same, just missing the hook between the loop and between the two CLO soles. Fold soles and join their chain stitch.

Make the second bootie the same as the first.  With the strap it looks like it is 21 chains added then 21 treble crochets that are joined on the other side.  You make an adjustment to size if the child has a narrow foot.    The two soles are sewn together with a simple chain stitch hiding all of the threads in the center between the two soles.

She is using a size two european hook which translates as

Crochet Hook Conversion Chart
Metric USA   UK
2.00 mm 14
2.25 mm 1 / B 13
2.50 mm 12
2.75 mm C 11
3.00 mm 11
3.25 mm D 10
3.50 mm 4 / E 9
3.75 mm F
4.00 mm 6 8
4.25 mm G
4.50 mm 7 7
5.00 mm 8 / H 6
5.50 mm 9 / I 5
6.00 mm 10 / J 4
6.50 mm 10 1/2 / K 3
7.00 mm 2
8.00 mm 0
9.00 mm 15 / N 00
10.00 mm P 000
15.75 mm or 16mm Q
Steel Hook Chart (thread hooks)
Metric USA  UK
.6 mm 14 6
.75 mm 13
.70 mm 12 5
.8 mm 11
1 mm 10 4
1.15 mm 9
1.25 mm 8 3
1.50 mm 7 2.5
1.6 mm 6
1.7 mm 5
1.75 mm 4 2
1.85 mm 3
1.95 mm 2
2 mm 1 1
2.25 mm 0 00
3 mm 00

This is a problem as there is no conversion for the size she is actually using.  The closest would be a size 1 or a B in English or American terms.

She then sewed around the ends to finish off the soles [Finished connecting podshvu. And I walked chain stitch and the strap (The sides turned with external braid, just with internal stitches] See the diagrams to translate that…

She then added the hearts and attached along the straps of the sandals.

Hope this helps….

Tammye Honey

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