Here I will be sharing great finds for favorite sites that I have found of patterns for knitting, sewing or crocheting that I have stumbled across hopefully that are free or low in cost.

I always try to find free patterns for my students and I encourage them to do the same and share with the other students.

Since everyone comes in on a one to one basis we have a portfolio library that they all share and can copy from for their own portfolios.

This system has really grown and has been great for sharing new ideas.

Would love to hear what some of your favorite patterns are.

I encourage my students to “Think outside of the box” when it comes to their projects.
Some of my newer students still play it safe and do not go past a single crochet or chain.
A few other new students send me on a rollercoaster ride of translating Russian Patterns into English so they can learn them

I will be trying here to translate and convert those patterns so the guys and gals can find a place to get the patterns they have requested and follow them.

One place that I always send them first is